Committee to Elect #004: Susan Sarandon for Special Prosecutor

May 22, 2017

Welcome to Episode 4! Please bear with us as we seek a more permanent home for CTE, but until then, we’ll be hanging out over at This is an extra special episode for an extra special man–We love you, Roger Ailes.

On the docket: Gender is cancelled, getting our lobbying muscles SO diesel for a fellow Bernard Brother (or are we?), pro shit-wading strategy, secrets secrets are no fun, “You’ve reached the Mad Dog,” screaming at and from Sean Spicer, memos are your friends, gotta have those tapes, Susan Sarandon Hunger Strike, When will we get rid of this human Love Canal?, Can we leave him in Riyadh?, Kink Abdullah II, how not to run a prison, Welcome Back Drug War, Mark goes *off* on mandatory minimums, more news actually broke while we were recording, Would You Bottom? takes a sharp turn into the Mushroom Kingdom.


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