Committee to Elect #005: Diamond Joe Biden for DSA President

May 25, 2017

Oh sheesh, y'all! It's Episode 5, our debut to the big, bad world of podcasting on iTunes, and boy have we landed the biggest client. We think you'll really like this one--but why not show us some love in that *fine* review section? We love you. Ride the wind.

On the docket: Tiny houses & big despair, Bernard Sanders toe to tip, hooking a big one on the left, radicalizing Amtrak Joe on Twitter dot com, dressing for the job you want, Trump on the go, Weapons for Wahhabists, Mark is Orb, The Feminine Mystique 2: Saudi Purity Tour, satire is hard, Operation: Biden Drop, woke Bedouins, a reminder that the GOP literally wants you dead, Big News from Big Sky Country (it's misdemeanor assault), Rob Quist's Gonorrhea Quest, Paul Ryan's Ice Cream Escape, we go off on our favorite vine for a bit, Cheers & Jeers, #WYB, we invent Wrestlemania, 1 Review = 1 Prayer, post-credit bonus.

Music: Cold Funk Kevin MacLeod (
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