Committee to Elect #006: Leader of the #Resistance

June 1, 2017

Happy Thursday! Here's Episode 6, a very cool, very angry, and very sexual episode you definitely won't want to miss.

On the docket: Queen of Podcasts, Kushner: The Experience, regular reminder that all of these people are just dumb, open invitation to literally fight Audrey, Hillary's back and we hate this, Blown Out in Iowa, we punch rightward, Cory Booker also sucks and we tell you why, #MAGA Loot Crate for Racists, Audrey hates Mark's good joke about Hillary, get Katy Perry under police protection, Texas's shitty and racist Charles Sumner (a.k.a. Shootout at the OK Corral, but boring), #WYB: G7 Edition, Doubling down at the Drafthouse, from the D-List to Daesh, covfefe isn't funny anymore, PissPugGranddad, AP Gov Sexual Awakening, we run a tight ship on twitter dot com.

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