Committee to Elect #007: Across the Pond

June 9, 2017

God save the Queen and the spy who came in from the cold! The Committee hopped a submersible lorry across the pond and got right chuffed in the Chunnel on this week's episode of CTE. It is not lost on us that this is also Episode 007. Cheers, and Sinn Fein for US Congress.

Before we get to the docket, early in the pod, we discuss Nurx, a convenient, affordable, and discrete way to get your birth control. Check it out at!

On the docket: Dog Days, Loot Crate for your uterus, the Legend of the Shit-Gremlin, speaking truth to power on bathroom issues, Ivanka Trump dream interpretation, HBO's "TRUMPED" casting call, animated love, Mr. Comey returns to Washington, holding onto hope, Gramps McCain Retire Please, Crooked Hillary in 2018, descending upon the UK, zero seats declared, playing hard-to-get with voters, THE ABSOLUTE BOY HAS DONE IT, the Vale of Clwyd & Tooting, a parliamentary primer, the Pee Tape exists, #WYB ruins your childhood, The Sorcerer's Owned.

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