Committee to Elect #012: Imperator Kamala for Post-Apocalyptic Warlord

August 11, 2017

Welcome back to the show! If you disregard some of Mark's audio fumbles at the beginning and end, we've cooked some some prime, fall-off-the-bone content for you. Better eat up quick, though. Content like this will make you a target in the oncoming apocalypse.

On the docket: Atlanta Boys Ascendant, mass transit talk, life during wartime, returning Guam to the Pacific, disarmament goals, general qualms, Rudy Time, the Democrats’ twilight hours, Kamala Harris: Actually Bad?, HypCheck, Truancy Blues, a swampy foray, Nuke Me Daddy, Alex leaks, the Brony Connection, three dunces attempt to survive the apocalypse, astrolabe wanted, leg not desired, War Boy swan boat, and NASCAR Confessional.


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