Committee to Elect #008: Mr. 305 vs. Little Marco for Senate

June 22, 2017

We're getting ahead of Marco Rubio's reelection six years ahead of schedule. We will bend time, space, and politics to our will to put Pitbull in the United States Senate. Dale.

On the docket: Mark sees the light, Alex hits the pillow, kissing a man in Fort Lauderdale, Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, politricks, The_Cuba_Enjoyer logs in, CTE Live from Guantanamo, Radical Centrism: Bullshit for Millennials, running with purpose, disruption of voter enthusiasm, Jez Watch 2017, you don't need these extra houses, radicalizing Pitbull, you thought this was a joke but we actually love Pitbull, the CTE Cultural Mavens take you by the hand, Help Wanted.

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