Committee to Elect #011: The Maverick vs. Death Itself

July 26, 2017

Politics is back and more evil than ever! All the usual suspects are back on their bullshit, and we are taking no prisoners. This is a fiesty episode.

On the docket: Queen of Intros, Grent, fly by night away from Iowa, Christmas in July, otherwordly elections, false mavericks, pivot back to Christmas, the shittiest lion's roar, hugging killers, #Resistance of the Spurned Consumers, or: How Tone-Deafness Killed the Wave, there are no moderates, This Week in Twitter, do not meme ill of the dead, the Cabinet Catfight, Rex is tired, unwinding on the Albanian Riviera, Woke Bae Duda, and doxxing old people because Whole Foods.


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